Uniqueness of Prosper Pharmacy

The Prosper pharmacy is a leading pharmacy company having a mission showing professionalism and customer care effectively. This Prosper pharmacy stood as a landmark of Canadian Pharmacy for the various health care services specially Methadone Treatment. The main motto of this company is to extend various services like meeting the needs of the customer regarding various medical issues, ensuring a comfortable environment for its customer, improving the health status of the people. This Prosper pharmacy company is provided with the experts of this field, who will play a main role in making the company meet all its motto. One of the most important motto of the company is to educate the people regarding the various health issues.

Things which make the Difference

The Prosper Pharmacy shows a high degree of excellence in providing pharmacy management in Canada by ensuring that the customer gets all the care required, which include identifying, monitoring and checking for any warning signs. If at all, any patient is reported to have any alarming signs, then they will be directed immediately towards a primary health care provider. The various services provided by this company include various generalized and customized services. The generalized services include blood pressure monitoring, immunization (flu/travel), checking for a proper communication between the physician and the patient, checking for the safe disposal of the expired medication, etc. The various customized services offered are dedicated services to the patients for a long term, caring individual for daily or weekly medication, etc.

We are providing our customer with all the other services like ease in the transfer of the prescription, and most importantly one need not take any strain to get their medicines because one can avail the facility of having door delivery services and also there might be certain situations where the medication taken by some patient need to be kept confidential in such situations the Prosper pharmacy company will respect the patient ideology and will act accordingly. Few other issues which are making this Prosper Pharmacy stand at peak are – its availability all through the year, delivering the required medicines at the door step and most importantly the customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction is of high importance because the ultimate person who has to be satisfied is the customer. Customer is the only one who is paying the money and he or she has got all the right to demand for the best services for the money he or she pays. Prosper Pharma takes pride to treat their customers in all the possible ways, which will be helping the customer meet their requirement effectively. All the staff members who are associated with the Prosper Pharmacy Company are very much patient enough in treating the customers, and most importantly the staff of the Prosper are high qualified. In every establishment, more than the infrastructure they posses, the staff of that particular firm are more important, because not the infrastructure can do everything, it is the staff who has to operate it. The Prosper Pharmacy Company is known for its amazing combination of infrastructure and efficient staff.

Our Mission

Our commitment to patient care, professionalism and customer service are key pillars of the Prosper Pharmacy Group, positioning us at the leading edge of the community pharmacy sector.

Our Vision

Prosper Pharmacy will form strategic alliances with allied health services to provide high value professional care and advice that will benefit the community, members and key stakeholders. Prosper Pharmacy will be known to the community as the destination for Quality and professional health services. Prosper Pharmacy will be the benchmark and market leader in the Health Industry.


  • To improve the quality of life of our customers and their families.
  • Our customer service will exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Satisfying the needs of our customers, through the use of comprehensive knowledge, expertise and the most up to date advice and information on their medication or ailment.
  • Our staff will provide excellence in meeting all our customer’s health and well being needs.
  • To provide a friendly, professional and comfortable environment to ensure our customer’s visit is a memorable experience.
  • To the philosophy of continuous improvement.