Payment Terms

By making a purchase yourself or by your Patient Representative making a purchase on your behalf through the Site or Services, you agree to our Terms of Use, and any additional terms and conditions that are provided here. By making a purchase, you agree to pay any fees or other incurred charges that apply to the products or services purchased.  This information must be complete and accurate, and you are responsible for keeping it up to date.  You hereby expressly authorize us to collect from your Payment Method the appropriate fees charged for the purchases you or your Patient Representative-elect make. All fees due for purchases are payable at the time of purchase and will be billed automatically to the Payment Method when the purchase is made.  Pharmacy24 may, in its sole discretion, accept or reject an order you have placed.

Payment Procedure

Pharmacy24 sends you an invoice every month, which includes the cost of your prescription and any over-the-counter medications. No charges are made without notifying you or your Patient Representative first and an Electronic Communication is sent before every shipment with the included items.

Pharmacy24 accepts all major credit cards. We will charge your portion (if applicable) to the Visa, MasterCard, or American Express you provide at the time of joining. It is your responsibility to make sure you pay your portion for your prescription and cover the cost of any over-the-counter products you purchase or your Patient Representative purchases on your behalf from Pharmacy24. If you cannot make a payment on time, call our office to set up a payment plan. If you require financial assistance, email us and we will get back to you shortly.

Pharmacy24 works with all major insurance plans. We will confirm your coverage when you sign up for Pharmacy24.

Any outstanding balance after applying for the pharmaceutical coverage under your insurance will be charged to you as a copayment. You will be provided with a receipt for each prescription dispensed.

When you make a purchase or your Patient Representative makes a purchase on your behalf, you or your Patient Representative must designate and provide information about your preferred payment method, including your insurance information and applicable credit card information for any copayment (“Payment Method”).  When you provide any payment account information to Pharmacy24, you represent to Pharmacy24 that you are the authorized user of that payment account or insurance policy.  The initial claim will be directed to your drug plan first and a spouse’s insurance plan second. You should submit claims for dependent children first to the plan of the spouse whose birth date is the earliest in the year.

If you have any prior authorizations, Pharmacy24 will work with your doctor and insurance company to handle it. We’ll be in touch with you so that you know how long the process will take.