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Pharmacy24 is the easiest way to
fill prescriptions and manage medications.

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Introducing Pharmacy24

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What if you never 
miss your dose? 

Your medication is sorted by time and 
date into personalized PocketPacks. 

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Your Medication, Made Simple

Delivered Every Month

We deliver your medication for free, along with any vitamins, OTCs, or inhalers

Automatic Refills

We manage your refills with your doctor so you always have the medication you need

Save on Medications

We charge a $7 dispensing fee and zero markup on any over-the-counter items

"PocketPills is great for anyone with multiple medications to manage".

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Introducing Pharmacy24

Free, Same Day Delivery in BC

  • From Squamish to Hope. Please fax your prescriptions directly from your clinic.
  • Prescriptions received after 3pm will get delivered the next day.

We're a preferred pharmacy of

Pharmacists Behind The Scenes

We work with your doctor and insurance to save you time.
Speak to a pharmacist via phone, email, or live chat.

+ 1-850 1111 111


*We only dispense Health Canada approved medications

Frequently Asked Questions

3-5 hours

Time saved each month

Switching to Pharmacy24 could save
you 36-40 hours each year.


Service and shipping fees

Use our app, services, and shipping at no extra cost.


Dispensing fee

Our technology lowers costs and we pass these savings on to you.

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