Homeocan Kids 0-9 Calm Syrup 100ml

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Homeocan Kids 0-9 Calm Syrup, if you noticed a lack of attention, nervousness and agitation in your kid

Grape Flavour 100 mL



Homeocan Kids 0-9 Calm Syrup of natural origin helps calm agitated, anxious, nervous, irritable, and hyperactive children. Improves sleep.

  • Sugar-free
  • Dye-free

Medicinal ingredients:Asa foetida 8X, Ignatia amara 8X, Valeriana officinalis 8X, Avena sativa 8X, Argentum nitricum 8X, Tarentula hispanica 8X, Hyoscyamus niger 8X, Paeonia officinalis 8X, Stramonium 8X, Cocculus indicus 8X.

Nonmedicinal ingredients: Purified water, sorbitol, grape and raspberry flavor, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

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