LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condoms

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Experience the next level of intimacy with SKYN® Elite Condoms. Crafted with ultra-thin, non-latex polyisoprene, these condoms offer a barely-there feel without compromising on strength. Feel closer while enjoying safe and sensational moments with the elite choice in protection. Suitable for those with latex allergies.

Specification of SKYN Elite Condoms

  • Non-latex Comfort
  • Ultra-thin Design
  • Superior Strength
  • Sensational Feel
  • Allergy-Friendly



Elevate Your Intimacy | Feel Without Barriers

SKYN® Elite Condoms provide an elevated experience in intimate protection.

Made from premium non-latex polyisoprene material, they’re 20% thinner than SKYN’s standard condoms, offering a natural, skin-like sensation.

Elite Condoms are meticulously designed to enhance sensitivity while maintaining the highest level of safety and protection.

Experience the Difference with SKYN Elite Condoms

Incredibly Thin Design: Enhanced for sensitivity, feel every touch, every pulse with precision.

Robust Protection: Despite its thin design, Elite’s durability offers dependable protection.

Allergy-Friendly Material: Ideal for those with latex sensitivities or allergies.

Natural Feel: The skin-like material provides a more authentic and pleasurable experience.

Responsibly Made: SKYN® takes pride in its commitment to quality and sustainability.

How to use

Using SKYN Elite Condoms is simple and similar to other condoms.

Ensure to check the expiration date and carefully open the packaging to avoid tearing.

Hold the tip of the condom and unroll it onto the erect penis. After use, remove it carefully and dispose of it hygienically.

Before Use: Inspect the packaging for any damage.

Opening: Tear along the edge carefully.

Application: Pinch the tip and roll down.

After Use: Dispose of responsibly.