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Get fast relief from hemorrhoid discomfort with Anusol® ANUSOL MULTI-SYMPTOM SUPPOSITORY. Trusted by doctors, this formula reduces pain, itching & swelling.

  • Fast-Acting Relief
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Mess-Free Application
  • Doctor Recommended



Anusol® Multi-Symptom Suppositories: Your Trusted Solution for Hemorrhoid Relief

Experience immediate and effective relief from the discomfort of hemorrhoids with Anusol® Multi-Symptom Suppositories.

Designed for those suffering from internal and external hemorrhoid symptoms, Anusol® provides a mess-free, comfortable treatment that targets pain, itching, and swelling.

Trusted by healthcare professionals, Anusol® is the #1 recommended brand for hemorrhoid treatment, offering fast and long-lasting relief to get you back to your daily activities without discomfort.

Why Choose Anusol® Multi-Symptom Suppositories?

Fast-Acting Relief: Quickly reduces symptoms of hemorrhoids, including pain and itching, for immediate comfort.

Reduces Swelling: Contains a gentle astringent to minimize swelling, aiding the healing process.

Mess-Free Application: Comfort-shaped suppositories ensure an easy and clean application process.

Doctor Recommended: The top choice among doctors and pharmacists for managing hemorrhoid symptoms effectively.

How to Use

For optimal results, cleanse the affected area with Anusol® Cleansing Wipes or warm water and pat dry. Insert one suppository in the morning, at bedtime, and after each bowel movement to maintain symptom relief throughout the day.

Ingredients for Effective Treatment

Anusol® Multi-Symptom Suppositories are formulated with Zinc sulfate monohydrate and other ingredients designed to soothe and heal hemorrhoids. This combination not only relieves pain and itching but also promotes the healing of affected tissues.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

While Anusol® is designed for safety and efficacy, it’s important to keep it out of reach of children. If symptoms persist or you have concerns about your condition, consult a healthcare professional for advice on prescription options or further treatment.

Purchase Anusol® Multi-Symptom Suppositories Today

Don’t let hemorrhoids disrupt your life. Turn to Anusol® Multi-Symptom Suppositories for the relief you need and the comfort you deserve.

Disclaimer: Before using Anusol® Multi-Symptom Suppositories, it is advised to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is appropriate for your specific condition and health profile. Always read the label and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


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