Compex Bionic Ankle Brace

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Compex Bionic Ankle Brace, step confidently into any activity knowing you’re supported by the best.

Its special features, including bilateral stabilizers and a single strap closure, offer a unique blend of stability, comfort, and ease of use that’s unmatched in the market.

Whether it’s for prevention, recovery, or enhancing performance, the Compex Bionic Ankle Brace is your partner in achieving your best.



The Compex Bionic Ankle Brace | Unleash Stability and Support Like Never Before

Dive into the realm of advanced protection with the Compex Bionic Ankle Brace, a masterpiece designed for those who demand the ultimate in stability and support.

Whether you’re an athlete pushing the limits, someone navigating the recovery journey from an ankle injury, or looking to prevent future mishaps, the Compex Bionic Ankle Brace is your next step toward achieving unparalleled confidence in every move.

Innovative Design for Maximum Performance

Bionic Stability: Embrace the power of bilateral stabilizers that offer a responsive and natural feel, ensuring free range of motion without compromising on protection during your most intense sports activities.

Single Strap Closure: Experience ease of application like never before. The single strap closure system allows for a quick, hassle-free fit, ensuring you’re ready to go in no time.

Low Profile Comfort: Designed to comfortably fit in all shoe types, the Compex Bionic Ankle Brace’s low profile design ensures you get the support you need without the bulkiness of traditional braces.

Ergonomic Excellence: With an ergonomic design that improves fit and function, coupled with neoprene for warmth and compression, this ankle brace is all about providing the best in comfort and support.

Available Size

XS < 37.5
S < 39
M 40-45
L 45-48
XL > 48

Why Choose the Compex Bionic Ankle Brace?

The Compex Bionic Ankle Brace stands out as a beacon of innovation in ankle support.

Recommended for unstable, overuse symptoms, and mild to moderate ankle sprains/strains, it’s the go-to choice for anyone looking to enhance their ankle stability without sacrificing performance or comfort.


Left, Right


XS (<37.5), S (<39), M (40-45), L (45-48)


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