DJO Donjoy Comfortform Wrist Support

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The DJO Donjoy Comfortform Wrist Support combines durable, breathable comfort with a secure fit.

Ideal for recovery or daily activities, this brace elevates your experience with its innovative design.

Get yours today and elevate your comfort, elevate your support!



DJO Donjoy Comfortform Wrist Support: Precision Comfort for Your Recovery

The DJO Donjoy Comfortform Wrist Support stands as a testament to the fusion of durability, breathability, and precision.

Designed for individuals facing the challenges of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist sprains, or those in need of stable wrist support, this brace combines the resilience of foam laminate with the comfort of breathable Lycra.

It’s your ideal companion for both day-to-day activities and recovery, offering a beacon of relief and support.

Key Features Designed for Optimal Support and Comfort

Durable and Lightweight: Crafted from durable foam laminate, the Comfortform Wrist Support ensures long-lasting support without compromising on comfort.

Breathable Construction: The integration of breathable Lycra enhances air circulation, keeping your wrist cool and comfortable even during extended wear.

Anatomically Correct Fit: Featuring a preformed aluminum stay and loop/lock closure, the brace ensures an anatomically correct fit, providing optimal support while facilitating the healing process.

Versatile Support: Whether you’re recovering from a sprain or managing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the Comfortform offers versatile support tailored to your needs.

Size Chart of Comfortform Wrist Support

Measurement Length Size
</= 4.5″ 7″ Pediatric/XXS
4.5″ – 5.5″ 7.5″ XS
5.5″ – 6.5″ 7.5″ Small
6.5″ – 7.5″ 8″ Medium
7.5″ – 8.5″ 8.5″ Large
>/= 8.5″ 8.5″ XL

Why Choose the DJO Donjoy Comfortform Wrist Support?

The Comfortform Wrist Support redefines the standards of wrist care. Its blend of innovative design, technological sophistication, and commitment to patient comfort ensures it stands out as a superior choice for those seeking reliable support for wrist-related conditions.

Embrace a solution that supports your wrist and enhances your overall recovery experience.


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