DJO Donjoy Dura Soft Knee Sleeve

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The DonJoy Dura Soft Knee Sleeve is a comprehensive solution to support your journey back to full health. With their unique blend of comfort, versatility, and effectiveness, they are an indispensable tool for anyone looking to overcome knee challenges with confidence and ease.

Features and Benefits

  • Removable DuraSoft inserts for continuous cold therapy
  • Malleable packs and elastic straps for compression
  • Knee sleeve designed for easy ice pack replacement



DonJoy Dura Soft Knee Sleeve | Cold Therapy Revolutionized

The DonJoy Dura Soft Knee Sleeve redefine cold therapy with their innovative design, providing targeted relief and support to the knee area for acute, chronic, or post-surgical applications.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, dealing with chronic knee pain, or seeking to reduce swelling and discomfort, this product offers a versatile solution tailored to meet your needs.

Innovative Features for Effective Relief

Continuous Cold Therapy: The removable DuraSoft inserts allow for continuous cryotherapy, helping to reduce pain and swelling effectively.

Customizable Compression: With malleable packs and elastic straps, the wraps offer adjustable compression to suit your comfort level and support needs.

Ease of Use: The knee sleeve is designed for easy exchange of ice packs, loading them into anterior pockets for hassle-free use.

Versatile Design: Available in both sleeve and wrap designs to fit approximately a 30″ thigh circumference, ensuring a snug and effective fit for most users.

Why Choose DonJoy Dura Soft Knee Sleeve?

The DuraSoft® technology is a unique blend of segmented, body-conforming pillows of water combined with a non-toxic soft gel, enclosed in polypropylene bags. When frozen, these pillows function as actual ice, providing cold therapy while an absorbent powder mixed with water creates a soft component for coverage, compression, and comfort.

This user-friendly design allows for easy refreezing and continuous icing with multiple inserts, making it a convenient option for both practitioners and patients.


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