Djo Donjoy Ultrasling Pro

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Djo Donjoy Ultrasling Pro is designed with both the patient and healthcare provider in mind, offering easy one-handed application and adjustment.

This sling system not only supports the healing process but also simplifies it, allowing patients to focus on their recovery with confidence.

UltraSling PRO is ideal for:

  • Post-operative rotator cuff repairs
  • Post-operative Bankart procedures
  • Capsular shifts
  • Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation
  • Soft tissue strains/repairs



Elevate Your Recovery with Djo Donjoy Ultrasling Pro

The Djo Donjoy Ultrasling Pro represents a significant leap forward in post-operative shoulder care, blending unparalleled comfort with meticulous design to support and immobilize the arm and shoulder effectively.

This advanced sling system is tailored to enhance the post-operative experience for both patients and healthcare professionals, making recovery not just manageable but more comfortable.

Key Features Designed for Optimal Support


🔵 Universal Sling Design: The Ultrasling Pro introduces a universal sling, adjustable to fit a wide range of patient sizes and designed to cradle the arm and shoulder securely, ensuring maximum comfort and immobilization.

🔵 Telescoping Customizable Straps: Adaptability is at the core of the Ultrasling Pro, featuring telescoping, customizable straps that can be easily trimmed to ensure a perfect fit for every patient, enhancing ease of application and ensuring tailored support.

🔵 Innovative ‘Shoulder Ring’: A standout feature, the ‘shoulder ring’, is designed to slide over the arm easily, whether in a supine or sitting position, helping to distribute weight evenly and take pressure off the neck, thereby optimizing patient compliance.

🔵 Removable Contoured Cushion: For added comfort and support, the Ultrasling Pro includes a removable contoured cushion that provides abduction and relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve, creating a soothing environment for recovery.

Why Choose the Djo Donjoy Ultrasling Pro?

The Ultrasling Pro is not just about immobilization; it’s about providing a recovery experience that prioritizes comfort, compliance, and convenience.

Its unique features, including the comfortable universal sling, telescoping customizable straps, and the innovative ‘shoulder ring’, make it a preferred choice for post-operative care following rotator cuff repairs, Bankart procedures, capsular shifts, and more.


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