DJO Donjoy X-Act Rom Knee

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DJO Donjoy X-Act Rom Knee, step into a new phase of recovery where comfort meets precision.

Its unparalleled support system is designed to facilitate a smoother, more comfortable rehabilitation process, allowing patients to focus on their recovery with confidence and ease.

Swivel & Snap – Make it fit and make it fast with swivel action buckles that quick-clip for a contoured fit

Precise Protection – Durable aluminum hinges provide precise protection and range of motion with extension settings from -10° to 90° and flexion settings at -10° to 120°

Stay & Stick – Unique, tacky foam lining provides viscous contact points between the leg and the brace to reduce slippage

Tele-Fit – All four sliders telescope independently to allow strap placement away from the surgical site



DJO Donjoy X-Act Rom Knee | Precision Meets Comfort in Post-Op Recovery

DJO Donjoy X-Act Rom Knee – a marvel in post-operative knee recovery.

This brace combines ease of use with an innovative design to offer precise protection and support following knee procedures.

Its quick application process and lightweight design set a new standard in knee bracing, making it an essential tool for efficient and effective recovery.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Recovery

Quick and Easy Application: The X-Act ROM Knee is designed for efficiency, ensuring a hassle-free application process that saves time and reduces stress for both patients and healthcare providers.

Anti-Migration Foam: Experience unmatched comfort and stability.

The anti-migration foam gently contours to the leg, preventing the brace from slipping, and ensuring a secure fit throughout the recovery process.

Dynamic Suspension Frame: This lightweight brace features a dynamic suspension frame that naturally contours to the patient’s leg, providing a precise fit that adapts to each individual’s anatomy.

Durable X-Act ROM Hinge: At the core of the brace is the X-Act ROM hinge, offering reliable immobilization and protected range of motion essential for post-operative care, including ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL surgeries, patella realignment, and meniscal or articular repairs.

Why the X-Act ROM Knee Stands Out

The X-Act ROM Knee is your sensible solution for post-op knee recovery, offering a blend of innovative design and patient-focused features.

Its precise protection, coupled with a comfortable and adaptable fit, ensures optimal conditions for healing and rehabilitation.


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