Soluver Original 20 % Salicylic Acid

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14 ml



Used for Common wart treatment

Content : 14ml Topical Acrylic Solution

SOLUVER, a topical preparation with 20% salicylic acid USP in an acrylic system and is indicated for the treatment and removal of common warts.

This acrylic delivery system does not need for bandage covering, minimizes irritation to the skin surrounding the wart, locks in moisture, durable, watertight covering and allows for greater penetration of salicylic acid.

* Individual results may vary

Follow the instructions inside the pack for use

1 review for Soluver Original 20 % Salicylic Acid

  1. Warren Miller

    It is a miracle product. My daughter had a wart on her foot that she wouldn’t let me touch with anything else, so I was getting tired of being the one to fix my kid’s bumps and bruises. After using Solver Original 20 % Salicylic Acid for 2 weeks, it disappeared. I am so thankful for this product!

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