Soluver Plus Warts Treatment [27 % Salicylic Acid]

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  • Eliminates the need for bandage covering
  • Minimizes skin irritation around the wart
  • Locks in moisture for optimal skin health
  • Provides a durable, watertight covering
  • Enhances penetration of salicylic acid



Soluver Plus Warts Treatment | Regain Your Skin’s Confidence

SOLUVER Plus is topical preparation with 27% salicylic acid USP in an acrylic system. It is a potent solution designed for the effective treatment of common and resistant warts.

This acrylic delivery system presents a multitude of benefits: it eliminates the need for a bandage covering, minimizes irritation to the skin surrounding the wart, and locks in moisture. Its durable, watertight covering ensures optimal protection, while also facilitating greater penetration of salicylic acid.


10ml Topical Acrylic Solution

* Individual results may vary

How to Use

Apply the Soluver Plus Warts Treatment directly to the wart according to package instructions. Always follow the recommended dosage and never exceed it without consulting a healthcare professional.

11 reviews for Soluver Plus Warts Treatment [27 % Salicylic Acid]

  1. Emily Johnson

    I’ve tried several wart treatments, but Soluver Plus is by far the best. It’s easy to apply and very effective.

  2. Ryder Everard

    Soluver Plus Warts Treatment with 27% Salicylic Acid is my go-to for tackling stubborn warts. It’s powerful and effective, making those pesky warts disappear.

  3. Tyler Pinschof

    Dealing with warts can be frustrating, but Soluver Plus Treatment has been a game-changer for me. Its high concentration of Salicylic Acid ensures fast and thorough removal.

  4. Will Gilruth

    I trust Soluver Plus for wart treatment, and the 27% Salicylic Acid formula is highly effective. It’s a reliable solution for getting rid of warts quickly and efficiently.

  5. Sarah Jowett

    Soluver Plus Warts Treatment has made wart removal a breeze. It’s easy to use and has become my top choice for addressing this common issue.

  6. Sebastian Andrew

    If you’re seeking a powerful and dependable solution for warts, Soluver Plus Warts Treatment with 27% Salicylic Acid is a must-try. It’s my go-to for achieving wart-free skin.

  7. Eleonor Helms

    The product worked great, in the period of 2 weeks the wart was gone! I would recommend this product!

  8. Rachel Patel

    I appreciate how effective Soluver Plus is. The salicylic acid works well and the application is hassle-free.

  9. James Thompson

    Soluver Plus worked wonders on my warts. The high concentration of salicylic acid really made a difference.

  10. Sarah Martinez,

    Soluver Plus helped me get rid of my warts quickly. It’s a great product and I didn’t need to use any bandages.

  11. Michael Clark

    This product is excellent for stubborn warts. The acrylic system is convenient and doesn’t irritate my skin.

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