Himalaya Triphala 60 Cap

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Himalaya Triphala, an ancient herbal blend, synergizes three potent fruits to promote internal cleansing, digestive harmony, and overall health.

Specification of Himalaya Triphala

  • Ancient Ayurvedic blend
  • Promotes digestive balance
  • Supports internal detox
  • Natural health enhancer
  • Pure herbal formulation



Revitalize Digestion with Himalaya Triphala: Nature’s Detox Powerhouse!

Himalaya Triphala: For digestive support and occasional constipation, people in India have turned to Triphala for centuries. Himalaya Organic Triphala tones the intestines for gentle regularity and provides you with an easy colon cleanse and detox.*

The word Triphala literally translates to “three fruits;” Amla, otherwise known as Amalaki, Chebulic myrobalan, also known as Haritaki, and Belleric myrobalan, traditionally known as Vibhitaki. These three fruits have been combined for generations for detox, digestion and gentle, supportive colon cleansing.

Risk Information 

Keep out of reach of Children. Consult your healthcare professional if pregnant or nursing. Consumption with alcohol, other drugs or natural health products with sedative properties is not recommended.


60 Caplets, 90 Caplets

1 review for Himalaya Triphala 60 Cap

  1. Wilbur Burkett

    Triphala is the best thing I have ever taken in my life. It has been curing my chronic constipation and two-stone weight. Every time I take it, I feel more energetic and fresh

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