Trojan Extended Pleasure Condom with Climax Control Lubricant

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TROJAN™ EXTENDED PLEASURE CONDOM offers advanced technology, ensuring prolonged enjoyment and heightened safety. Crafted for couples seeking extended intimacy.

Features of Trojan Extended Pleasure Condom

  • Advanced climax control
  • Premium latex quality
  • Extended intimate sessions
  • Reliable safety measures
  • Enhances mutual pleasure



Trojan Extended Pleasure Condom | Maximize Every Moment

In the quest for prolonged pleasure and a more intimate connection with your partner, Trojan Extended Pleasure Condom stands out as a premier choice.

Infused with a special climax control lubricant, this condom is crafted to increase the duration of intimacy, ensuring both partners experience heightened satisfaction.

Manufactured from premium quality latex, it not only offers enhanced sensation but also ensures reliability against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

With TROJAN™ EXTENDED PLEASURE, embrace a world where extended passion meets uncompromised safety.

Unveiling Extended Satisfaction

Prolonged Pleasure: The special climax control lubricant ensures that the moment lasts longer, ensuring heightened satisfaction for both partners.

Safety First: Crafted from high-grade latex, these condoms offer reliable protection against unintended pregnancies and STIs.

Enhanced Sensation: While the lubricant ensures extended pleasure, the design and material offer a natural feel, enhancing the sensation for both partners.

Peace of Mind: Electronically tested, each condom promises reliability, letting you focus on the moment without any worries.