Trojan Magnum Thin Lubricated Condom

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Experience enhanced intimacy without compromising security. Trojan Magnum Thin Lubricated Condom ensures a snug fit, thinner design, and optimal lubrication for an elevated sensual experience.

Features of Trojan Thin Lubricated Condoms

  • Enhanced snug fit
  • Optimal thinness design
  • Superior lubrication
  • Trusted TROJAN™ quality
  • Sensitivity amplified



Revitalize Intimacy | TROJAN MAGNUM THIN – Ultra-Sensitive & Reliable Protection

Discover a heightened dimension of intimacy without sacrificing security.

Trojan Magnum Thin Lubricated Condoms are meticulously designed for those who desire a closer connection but don’t want to compromise on safety.

With a design that’s thinner than standard MAGNUM™ condoms, they ensure a snug fit and superior sensitivity. Each condom is generously lubricated to enhance pleasure, making every moment feel more natural and authentic.

Trust in the renowned TROJAN™ quality, ensuring every intimate encounter is not only pleasurable but safe.

Maximizing Sensual Pleasure

Achieve amplified sensitivity with the optimal thinness design, ensuring every touch, and sensation is intensified.

Assured Safety and Reliability

Rely on the renowned TROJAN™ brand, a symbol of protection and quality in intimate products for over a century.

Smooth, Lubricated Experience

Enhanced lubrication ensures that intimacy feels natural, comfortable, and seamlessly enjoyable.

A Perfect Fit

Designed for those who want a bit more room without losing the snug feel, ensuring that the experience is both comfortable and secure.