Plan B Emergency Contraceptive

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Disclaimer: Please note, because the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act, categorise PLAN B as schedule II drug, that means it requires professional intervention from the pharmacist when being sold. Although, prescription is not required but this supplement is only available through a pharmacist. After you place order online, you will receive a call from one of our licensed pharmacists for a consultation, after you have completed the consultation, product would be shipped.


Plan B Emergency Contraceptive



Plan B® helps prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex (if a contraceptive failed or you did not use birth control).

Take one tablet as soon as possible, within 72 hours after a contraceptive accident or unprotected sex. The sooner you start treatment, the more effective it will be (preferably within 12 hours after a contraceptive accident or unprotected sex). Do not take more than directed.

Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) alert:
• This product does not protect against HIV/AIDS or other STDs

Do not use if you:
• Are already pregnant
• Have abnormal vaginal bleeding
• Are allergic to Levonorgestrel or to any ingredients in this product
• For regular birth control

Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you:
• Have breast cancer
• Liver disease
• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Take any prescription drug
• Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort)
• Are breastfeeding

When using this product you may have:
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Abdominal pain
• Headache
• Spotting a few days after use
• Fatigue
• Dizziness
• Breast tenderness
• Diarrhea

Other warnings
There is some data that Levonorgestrel may be less effective with increasing body weight or body mass index (BMI). These data were limited and inconclusive.

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