Djo Donjoy X-ROM Post-Op Knee Brace

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Djo Donjoy X-ROM™ Post-Op Knee Brace, step into a new phase of recovery where innovation meets care.

This brace is not just a tool for healing; it’s a comprehensive support system designed to facilitate a smoother, more comfortable rehabilitation process.

Trust in the X-ROM™ to be a pivotal part of your journey back to optimal knee health.

Precise ROM Protection

Fast, Easy Application

Comfortable Stability




DJO Donjoy X-ROM™ Post-Op Knee Brace: A New Era in Knee Rehabilitation

The Djo Donjoy X-ROM Post-Op Knee Brace is engineered to redefine post-operative knee care, offering patients a blend of comfort, stability, and precise range of motion (ROM) control.

Designed for fast, simple application and adjustment, the X-ROM™ is an innovative solution for individuals recovering from ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL surgeries, and meniscal repairs.

Key Features for Optimal Support and Recovery

Precise ROM Protection: The updated hinge design allows for precise control of ROM with settings in 10° increments, ranging from -10° to 90° for extension and -10° to 120° for flexion.

A quick-lock design easily locks the brace at 10° increments from -10° to 30°, providing tailored support and protection.

Fast, Easy Application: The user-friendly design features straps, tabs, and buckles that make post-op application and adjustment straightforward.

The brace comfortably fits a wide range of patients, from 4’11” to 6’5”, with push-button slider settings for easy and precise adjustments.

Comfortable Stability: Tele-Fit™ technology includes four independently telescoping sliders with easy push-button control settings, enhancing brace placement, stability, and comfort while avoiding the incision site and peroneal nerve.

Bendable hinge bars enhance varus/valgus contouring for optimal fit and stability.


Why Choose the Djo Donjoy X-ROM™ Post-Op Knee Brace?

The X-ROM™ Post-Op Knee Brace stands out for its innovative approach to post-operative knee rehabilitation.

It not only provides precise control over the knee’s range of motion but also ensures the brace remains comfortably in place, reducing the risk of complications during the recovery process.

Whether you’re beginning your journey to recovery or advancing through rehabilitation, the X-ROM™ offers the support and protection needed to come back strong.

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