DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer

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DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer, step into a realm where comfort meets recovery.

Embrace this advanced solution and make your journey back to health not just endured, but embraced with confidence and ease.

Trust in the DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer to be a pivotal part of your recovery, offering the support and comfort you need to heal.



Embrace Stability and Comfort | The DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer

Introducing the DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer, a beacon of support for those navigating the delicate path of recovery from shoulder surgery or injury.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this shoulder immobilizer combines comfort with functionality, offering a secure environment for healing.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or managing an injury, this immobilizer is designed to provide the stabilization you need while ensuring maximum comfort.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Healing

Fiber Laminate Construction: Experience the perfect blend of comfort and durability. The fiber laminate design contours to your body, providing a snug fit that supports without restriction.

Adjustable for Customized Support: With an adjustable wrist cuff, shoulder strap, and an optional humeral cuff, this immobilizer offers a personalized fit.

Tailor the support to your specific needs and enjoy a recovery journey that’s both effective and comfortable.

Versatile and User-Friendly: Designed for both child and adult sizes, the DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer can be worn on either the right or left side, adapting to your unique recovery needs.

Its versatility extends to its wearability, functioning with or without the shoulder strap according to your preference.

Patient-Centric Design: Understanding the importance of patient comfort, this immobilizer features a fiber laminate design that’s gentle on the skin, ensuring long-term wearability without discomfort.

Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer ≤ 52″ Universal
Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer 52″-62″ Universal/XL
Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer with Detachable Humeral Strap ≤ 52″ Universal
Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer, Contoured ≤ 52″ Universal
Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer, Child ≤ 32″ X-Small

Why Choose the DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer?

The DJO Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer stands out as a testament to innovative recovery solutions.

Its unique combination of adjustable features, patient-centric design, and durable construction makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking reliable support during their recovery.

Whether you’re at rest or on the move, this shoulder immobilizer ensures your shoulder remains immobilized, promoting healing and preventing further injury.


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