3-Panel Knee Splint Brace ( KNEE IMMOBILIZERS)

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The three-panel plaster knee immobilizer is a great product for providing support and an immobilizing effect on the knee. Zimmer Knee Splint can also relieve pain, limit leg and knee movement, and help with post-operative recovery from surgery.

Original price was: $82.99.Current price is: $63.99.


Finally, a no-hassle Zimmer knee splint that actually works

The Zimmer knee splint immobilizer is made from a soft, flexible fabric that can conform to the shape of the leg for maximum comfort. The fabric also absorbs moisture and keeps you cool in warm weather.

The leg immobilizer features 4 sets of adjustable Hook & Loop straps which are alternating and make a secure, customized fit. Two sets of straps are below the knee and two above the knee. The desired compression can be found by adjusting each strap accordingly.

The brace comes with four aluminum stays that maintain your leg straight and provide you comfort. They can be easily removed when not needed.


  • Moveable side panels and adjustability to suit your girth
  • Two medial stays 
  • Lace three backstay plates with formers and contoured bottoms
  • Elastic patella strap to prevent window edema 
  • Hook and loop closure – latex-free


  • Supports the patella for relief during walking and running
  • Prevents the knee from bending to a degree that may cause injury
  • Keeps the knee from bending too far which will cause pain during walking and running
  • Provides relief for knee pain, muscle spasms, and swelling

12 reviews for 3-Panel Knee Splint Brace ( KNEE IMMOBILIZERS)

  1. Sarah Martinez

    I’ve been using the Zimmer Knee Splint for my knee pain, and it’s been incredibly helpful. It’s comfortable and easy to use.

  2. Michael Clark

    This knee splint is excellent for pain relief. It’s comfortable to wear and keeps my knee securely in place.

  3. Rachel Patel

    The Zimmer Knee Splint provided the support I needed after my knee injury. It’s well-made and adjustable for a perfect fit.

  4. Nicholas Livingston

    Top-notch knee immobilization! The 3-Panel Knee Splint Brace has proven to be an excellent choice for my knee issues. Its design allows for customized support and immobilization, which is crucial for recovery and injury prevention. The padding and straps make it comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the durability of the brace ensures it can withstand daily use. I’ve experienced significant improvement in my knee stability since using it. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or need extra support during physical activities, this brace is a dependable option.

  5. Billy Cerny

    A true game-changer for knee support! The 3-panel Knee Splint Brace, also known as Knee Immobilizer, has been a lifesaver for my knee injury. The three-panel design offers exceptional stability and immobilization, providing the perfect level of support needed during recovery. I appreciate how comfortable it is to wear, with its soft padding and adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit. It has given me the confidence to move without fearing further injury. If you’re in need of reliable knee support, this brace is a must-have.

  6. Emily Johnson

    I found great relief using the Zimmer Knee Immobilizer after my surgery. It’s easy to adjust and very supportive.

  7. Ronald Smith

    The 3-panel Knee Splint Brace is a must-have for anyone recovering from a knee injury. It’s reliable, and durable, and has helped me regain confidence in my mobility.

  8. James Thompson

    The Zimmer Knee Splint was a game-changer for my knee recovery. It’s comfortable and really stabilizes my knee.

  9. James Williams

    I’ve tried various knee immobilizers, and this one stands out. The 3-panel Knee Splint Brace is well-designed, offering both comfort and the necessary support for healing.

  10. Victor Reza

    Dealing with a knee injury is tough, but the 3-Panel Knee Splint Brace has made it easier. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and keeps my knee securely immobilized.

  11. Brenda Johnston

    I can recommend the 3-Panel Knee Splint Brace enough. It’s easy to use, provides exceptional stability, and has been instrumental in my knee recovery journey.

  12. Raymond Smith

    The 3-Panel Knee Splint Brace has been a game-changer for my knee injury. It offers excellent support and immobilization, allowing me to heal comfortably.

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