Dr.Scholl’s Odour Destroyers® Medicated Foot Powder

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Dr. Scholl’s® Odour Destroyers® medicated foot powder with 3X triple action system helps prevent, relieve and heal minor skin irritations, chafing or itching, and heat rash. The corn starch formula absorbs moisture 80 times faster than talc. It contains zinc oxide USP 10.86% w/w. This powder also destroys odour on contact and absorbs wetness.

2 reviews for Dr.Scholl’s Odour Destroyers® Medicated Foot Powder

  1. Ethel


  2. Orval

    I’ve been using Dr.Scholl’s Dr. Scholl’s® Odour Destroyers® Medica for a while now and I’ve found that it really kills the foot/shoe smell. I use it every day.

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