Kwellada P Creme Rinse 200ml

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Kwellada-P® Crème Rinse offers a potent solution against lice, eliminating them and their eggs with just a single application. It provides protection against reinfestation for up to 14 days post-application.

Features of Kwellada P Creme Rinse

  • Single Application
  • 14-Day Protection
  • Scientifically Proven Formula
  • Available in Two Sizes
  • Prevents Reinfestation



Effective Lice Treatment: Kwellada-P® Crème Rinse

Lice can be a nuisance, causing discomfort and stress. Kwellada P Creme Rinse offers a straightforward solution.

With its active ingredient, permethrin, it targets and eliminates lice and their eggs.

Simple to use and scientifically proven, it’s a reliable choice for those seeking an end to lice problems.

Benefits of Kwellada Creme

Single Application Efficiency: Kwellada P Creme Rinse is designed for maximum effectiveness with just one use, ensuring that lice and their eggs are thoroughly eliminated.

14-Day Protection: Beyond just killing lice, the crème rinse offers a protective barrier, preventing reinfestation for up to two weeks after the initial application.

Comprehensive Kit: Each purchase includes a specially designed comb, aiding in the removal of dead lice and their nits, ensuring a thorough cleanse.

Available in Two Sizes: Catering to different needs, Kwellada-P® Crème Rinse is available in both 50ml and 200ml sizes.

Prevents Reinfestation: Its potent formula ensures that lice don’t make a comeback, providing peace of mind for users.

Simple Tips for Prevention

Teach Good Habits: Personal belongings, such as brushes, hats, and towels, can transfer lice. It’s essential to educate about not sharing these items.

Be Aware of Shared Spaces: Ensure personal items like hats and coats are kept separate, especially in common areas.

Avoid Outbreaks: If there’s a known lice outbreak, it’s best to avoid places where direct head-to-head contact might occur, such as during certain sporting activities.

Science Behind Kwellada-P® Crème Rinse

Active Ingredient: The primary active ingredient in Kwellada P Creme Rinse is permethrin, which belongs to a class of medications called synthetic pyrethroids.

Mode of Action

Neurotoxic Effect: Permethrin acts on the nerve cell membranes of lice. It disrupts the sodium channel current, paralyzing the lice and eventually leading to their death.

Ovicidal Properties: Apart from affecting adult lice, permethrin also possesses ovicidal properties, meaning it can kill lice eggs (nits). This ensures a comprehensive treatment, eliminating both the current infestation and preventing the next generation of lice from emerging.

Protection Mechanism

Residual Action: The formula of Kwellada-P® Crème Rinse is designed to leave a residue on the hair after rinsing.

This residue continues to kill newly hatched lice for several days, providing up to 14 days of protection against re-infestation.

Barrier Formation: The residual action also acts as a deterrent, preventing new lice from infesting the hair.

Safety Profile

Targeted Action: While potent against lice, permethrin is generally safe for humans. It’s designed to target the nervous systems of insects, which are different from human neural pathways.

Low Absorption: When applied topically, as in the case of Kwellada-P® Crème Rinse, very little permethrin is absorbed into the body, ensuring localized action against lice without systemic effects.


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