Omron Blood Pressure Monitor 3 Series

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Accurate BP Measurement
Good Memory Storage
One Touch Design
Easy to Read
1# Doctor-Recommended Brand

Original price was: $69.39.Current price is: $60.99.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor 3 Series
Easy Touch Operation
Irregular Heart Beat Symbol
14 Readings
ACCURATE: Omron’s advanced technology measures five times more data points for accuracy and is less affected by any breathing or any movements during BP measurement
MEMORY STORAGE: 14 blood pressure readings at a time for a user
IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT: lets you know when your heart beats irregularly, which is vital information to track and share with your healthcare provider
CONVENIENCE: One-touch design Allows you to remove your monitor from the box, place the cuff onto your arm, and simply press the button to start your blood pressure measurement
EASY-TO-READ: Display provides a large digital screen to see and read your results easily
COMFORTABLE: Wide-range cuff sizes, designed for more comfortable measurements
#1 Doctor-Recommended Brand
#1 Selling manufacturer of Blood Pressure Monitors for over 40 Years.

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  1. Ronald

    This product is really great and easy to use! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and effective solution.

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