Preparation H Cooling Gel 25g

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Preparation H Cooling Gel offers targeted, relief for those suffering from hemorrhoids. This gel is designed to reduce swollen hemorrhoidal tissue while providing a soothing sensation to relieve burning and irritation.

Its unique formula, which includes Witch Hazel, is not sticky or messy, making it easy to apply.

Plus, it’s non-greasy, non-staining, and free from any unpleasant scent, ensuring comfort and convenience for users.

  • Cooling Relief
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Eases Burning and Irritation



Feeling the heat from pesky hemorrhoids? Cool it down fast with Preparation H Cooling Gel! This icy formula, infused with soothing vitamin E and aloe, delivers instant relief from the burning, itching, and discomfort that can make you want to sit on a cloud (or maybe not!).

Plus, it’s non-greasy, non-staining, and has a refreshingly neutral scent, so you can get back to your day feeling cool, calm, and collected.

Features of Preparation H Cooling Gel

  • Cooling Relief: The presence of Witch Hazel gives a cooling effect that soothes the affected area.
  • Reduces Swelling: Effectively shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissue, providing relief from discomfort.
  • Eases Burning and Irritation: Specifically formulated to relieve symptoms of burning and irritation associated with hemorrhoids.

How to Apply PREPARATION H® Cooling Gel

Adults and children over 12 years can use this gel. Start by cleansing the affected area with mild soap and warm water, rinse well, and gently dry.

Attach the applicator to the tube, lubricate it well, and gently insert it into the rectum.

Apply the gel to the affected area morning and night, after each bowel movement, up to 4 times daily. Remember to lubricate the applicator before each use and clean it thoroughly afterward.

For those dealing with the discomfort of hemorrhoids, Preparation H Cooling Gel provides a discreet and effective solution. Its cooling formula offers immediate relief, helping you to continue with your day comfortably.


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