Himalaya Arjuna

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Himalaya Arjuna delivers a holistic approach to cardiovascular wellness, crafted from nature’s heart-health optimizer, the Arjuna tree bark. Immerse in nature’s embrace for a fortified heart.

Specification of Himalaya Arjuna

  • Holistic Heart Support
  • Nature’s Cardio Care
  • Arjuna Tree Extract
  • Herbal Heart Ally
  • Potent Wellness Booster



Himalaya Organic Arjuna – Ayurveda’s Trusted Heart Ally!

The famous Arjuna tree from India has long been known for its cardiovascular support. In fact, in the Ayurvedic herbal tradition, no other adaptogen is more celebrated for the heart. Himalaya Organic Arjuna provides daily balance for your heart, your center of emotional and physical wellness.

Regular intake of Himalaya Arjuna aims to enhance overall cardiovascular wellness, optimize heart functions, and assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. By intertwining tradition with modernity, Himalaya Arjuna becomes an ideal companion for anyone striving for a healthy heart in today’s bustling life.

Reaping Nature’s Cardio Benefits:

  • Ancient Heart Protector: With its roots in Ayurvedic tradition, Arjuna bark has been recognized for its heart-supportive properties for millennia.
  • Cholesterol Management: Regular consumption can aid in balancing cholesterol levels, ensuring that your heart remains healthy and robust.
  • Anti-Oxidative Properties: Himalaya Arjuna is rich in natural antioxidants, providing defense against oxidative stress and promoting heart longevity.
  • Improved Heart Function: Enhance your heart’s efficiency and ensure it beats with vigor and vitality.
  • Trust in Nature: With no additives or artificial ingredients rely on the purity and authenticity of Himalaya Arjuna for heart wellness.

Risk Information 

Keep out of reach of Children. Consult your healthcare professional if pregnant or nursing. Consumption with alcohol, other drugs or natural health products with sedative properties is not recommended.


60 Caplets, 90 Caplets


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