DJO Donjoy Ultrasling Quadrant

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DJO Donjoy Ultrasling Quadrant is a Global revolutionizing shoulder immobilization, offering comfort and versatility with its unique design featuring four immobilization angles in one brace. Experience unparalleled support and ease during your recovery.

  • Patent-pending design for optimal versatility.
  • Four angles of immobilization in one brace.
  • Protherapy™ precision system enhances rehab.
  • Single-handed, patient-friendly application.
  • Cool-to-touch, anti-microbial TempGuard™ material for comfort.



DJO Donjoy UltraSling® Quadrant | A New Era of Shoulder Immobilization

The UltraSling® Quadrant stands at the forefront of shoulder orthosis, redefining immobilization with its patent-pending design that offers four angles of immobilization.

This innovative approach not only ensures optimal versatility but also significantly reduces inventory needs.

The UltraSling® Quadrant is equipped with the ProTherapy™ precision-based system, which simplifies the rehabilitation process by allowing single-handed, patient-friendly application.

Moreover, the brace is crafted from cool-to-touch, anti-microbial TempGuard™ material, providing exceptional comfort throughout the recovery journey.

Tailored Immobilization for Comprehensive Recovery

Designed for post-operative immobilization in 15° of abduction or greater, the UltraSling® Quadrant is ideal for a wide range of conditions including shoulder hemiarthroplasty, total shoulder replacement, shoulder reconstruction, superior labral repair, shoulder debridement, and more.

It also supports stabilization protocols following fractures to the proximal humerus, elbow, and forearm, as well as bankart repair, rotator cuff repair, biceps tendon surgery, shoulder dislocation, and elbow ligament and tendon repair.

Key Features of DJO Donjoy UltraSling® Quadrant

Four Angles of Immobilization: Offers unparalleled versatility in treatment and support.

ProTherapy™ System: Enhances rehab with easy, single-handed application.

TempGuard™ Material: Delivers cool-to-touch, anti-microbial comfort.

PDAC Assigned Code L3960: Recognized for its therapeutic efficacy.

Available Style

11-0210 34” – 53” (86 – 135cm) UltraSling Quadrant, RIGHT
11-0211 34” – 53” (86 – 135cm) UltraSling Quadrant, LEFT

Instructions For Use of UltraSling Quadrant

Before using the device, please read the instructions for use completely and carefully. Correct application is vital to the proper functioning of the device. Please click on the given link for the CORRECT APPLICATION: Patient Application Instructions

Elevate Your Recovery with UltraSling® Quadrant

The UltraSling® Quadrant is more than just a shoulder brace; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to support your journey back to full health.

With its unique blend of precision, versatility, and comfort, the UltraSling® Quadrant is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to overcome shoulder injuries with confidence and ease.

Step into the Future of Shoulder Care

Choose the UltraSling® Quadrant for your recovery and experience the difference of a shoulder orthosis designed with your healing and comfort in mind.

Embrace the innovation that redefines immobilization and take the first step towards a faster, more comfortable recovery.


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