DJO Donjoy X-Act Rom Lite

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DJO Donjoy X-Act Rom Lite’s unparalleled blend of lightweight design, durable support, and patient-centric features make it an essential companion for anyone looking to make a smooth transition back to daily activities and beyond.

Trust in the X-Act ROM Lite to support your journey back to full health with ease and sophistication.



DJO Donjoy X-Act ROM Lite | Revolutionizing Post-Op Knee Recovery

Introducing the X-Act ROM Lite from Donjoy – a beacon of innovation in post-operative knee care.

This lightweight, sleek brace is engineered to offer patients a more comfortable, manageable recovery journey without compromising on support or functionality.

Its design is a testament to the fusion of patient comfort with advanced healing dynamics.

Key Features That Set the X-Act ROM Lite Apart

Lightweight Design: Embrace the freedom of movement with the X-Act ROM Lite’s lightweight construction, designed to ease your recovery without the bulkiness of traditional braces.

Durable X-Act ROM Hinge: At the heart of the brace is the durable X-Act ROM hinge, providing reliable immobilization and a protected range of motion essential for post-traumatic treatment and surgeries including ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL, patella realignment, and more.

Full Circumferential Foam: Ensuring all-around comfort, the full circumferential foam wraps your leg in soft support, enhancing the brace’s overall fit and feel.

Simplified Strap System: Adjustability meets simplicity with an easy-to-manage strap system, allowing for quick fitting adjustments that cater to a variety of patient sizes.

Customizable Support: The telescoping uprights, capable of being contoured to the patient’s leg, offer varus and valgus support, tailoring the brace to individual recovery needs.

Size Available

Univ. 46cm-65cm <76cm

Why Choose the X-Act ROM Lite?

The X-Act ROM Lite is your sensible solution to navigating the complexities of knee recovery.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or injury, this brace is designed to provide optimal support while prioritizing your comfort and mobility.

Its innovative features ensure that your path to recovery is not just endured but embraced with confidence.


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