Gynalac Vaginal Gel

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Gynalac Vaginal Gel 35 MLs




Helps relieve and prevent symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and non-specific vaginitis. Eliminates abnormal vaginal discharge and unpleasant odors. Restores normal pH balance of the vagina and normal vaginal flora by supporting the growth of endogenous protective lactobacilli bacteria. Provides immediate relief of dryness, itching, pain, and burning associated with bacterial vaginosis and non-specific vaginitis. Is clinically proven to be as effective at relieving abnormal vaginal discharge and odor as a course of antibiotics (metronizadole). Offers synergistic efficacy when combined with antibiotics.


Acute treatment: For rapid relief of vaginal infection and symptoms such as embarrassing odor, abnormal discharge and vaginal discomfort, administer a single application (3 mL) for 7 consecutive days (preferably at bedtime) directly into the vagina using the applicator. Maintenance and prevention or recurrence of symptoms around the menstrual cycle: Administer a single application (3 mL) for 3 days immediately after the menstrual cycle, directly into the vagina using the applicator, for a minimum of 6 months. 1 x treatment (7 applications), + bonus offering, 1 x maintenance/prevention treatment (3 applications), Reusable applicator.

Medicinal ingredients:

225 mg of lactic acid (DL-lactic acid) and 5 mg of sodium hyaluronate/application, Non-medicinal ingredients: aqua/water/eau, butylene glycol, glycogen, hydroxyethylcellulose, linum usitatissium (linseed) seed extract, potassium sorbate, rubus coreanus fruit extract, sodium lactate, sodium levulinate, tocopherol (vitamin E)


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