Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream [2% Clotrimazole]

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Ease your discomfort with the Clotrimaderm 2% Vaginal Cream, specifically designed to treat vaginal yeast infections. Vaginal yeast infections, also known as Candidiasis, can cause symptoms such as itching, burning, and vaginal discharge. Clotrimaderm provides a convenient solution to these uncomfortable symptoms.

Key Features of Clotrimaderm 2% Vaginal Cream

  • Contains 2% Clotrimazole
  • Treats vaginal yeast infections
  • Alleviates itching and burning symptoms
  • Convenient application with included applicator
  • Trusted and reliable yeast infection treatment



Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream | Trusted Solution for Yeast Infections

Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream is an effective medication used to treat vulvovaginal candidiasis, which is more commonly known as a vaginal yeast infection or thrush.

This medication works by relieving the vaginal itching, burning, and discharge associated with vaginal yeast infections.

This effective cream contains clotrimazole, an active ingredient recognized for its powerful antifungal properties.

How to Use

Using the applicator, insert the cream into the vagina. Refer to the package instructions for detailed usage directions.


Active Ingredient: Clotrimazole 2%.


Always read the label and follow the instructions. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare provider.


10 reviews for Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream [2% Clotrimazole]

  1. Anna Thompson

    I was relieved to find Clotrimaderm at my local pharmacy. It provided quick relief from itching and burning.

  2. Emily Johnson

    Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream was a lifesaver for my yeast infection. It worked quickly and relieved the uncomfortable symptoms.

  3. Rachel Green

    This cream is a go-to for any yeast infection. It’s gentle yet effective, and I always feel relief after using it.

  4. Maya Ross

    Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream with 2% Clotrimazole is a treat my vaginal yeast infections. for yeast infections. It works quickly to relieve discomfort and itching, providing much-needed relief.

  5. Anna Andrews

    I trust Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream for effective and fast relief from vaginal yeast infections. It’s my go-to solution for addressing this common issue.

  6. Lisa Martin

    Clotrimaderm is my preferred choice for yeast infection treatment. It’s effective and the symptoms clear up quickly.

  7. Maisie Davison

    Dealing with a yeast infection is never pleasant, but Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream makes it manageable. The 2% Clotrimazole formula works wonders and offers much-needed comfort.

  8. Sarah Williams

    I’ve used Clotrimaderm for treating yeast infections, and it’s always effective. The applicator makes it easy to use.

  9. Leah Holloway

    “For anyone experiencing the discomfort of a yeast infection, Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream is the solution you need. It’s fast-acting and reliable for restoring comfort.

  10. Louise Savage

    I’ve tried various treatments, but Clotrimaderm Vaginal Cream is the most effective for yeast infections. It’s easy to use and provides relief that makes a real difference.

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