DJO Procare Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer

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DJO Procare Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer: Maximize support and comfort during your recovery with the Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer.

This adjustable sling immobilizes your arm, shoulder, and elbow, promoting healing while ensuring a comfortable fit.

Breathable materials and a simple care routine make it easy to manage, while clear application instructions guarantee proper use.



Maximize Your Recovery with the Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer | A Guide to Application & Care

Unlock the path to effective recovery with the Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer, designed to immobilize and support arm, shoulder, and elbow joints.

Engineered to meet your comfort and recovery needs, this medical device is pivotal for those seeking secure support without the constraints of mobility loss.

Features & Benefits of Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer

Optimal Support: Specifically crafted to immobilize and support the arm, shoulder, and elbow joints, providing the necessary stability for recovery.

Universal Fit: With adjustable straps and a universal arm sling that can be shorter if needed, it ensures a snug fit for effective immobilization.

The addition of a thumb loop aids in maintaining the forearm’s optimal position.

Breathable Comfort: The Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer prioritizes your comfort with a design that allows for air circulation, ensuring the skin remains dry and irritation-free.

Easy Care Routine: Maintenance is hassle-free with hand-washable liners using mild soap and air-drying instructions, promoting the longevity of your immobilizer.

Professional Assurance: While this device is designed with your recovery in mind, any discomfort or unusual reactions should prompt immediate consultation with a healthcare professional.

Size Chart of Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer

79-84011 5″ x 9″ XX-Small
79-84012 6″ x 11″ X-Small
79-84013 7″ x 13″ Small
79-84015 8″ x 15″ Medium
79-84017 9″ x 18″ Large
79-84018 10″ x 20″ X-Large

Guidance for Use

Simple application guidelines ensure correct fitting, essential for the proper functioning of the device. Positioning the elbow in the sling’s pocket, the wrist, and the majority of the hand are comfortably supported.

Shoulder straps should be placed over the opposite shoulder, threaded through the D-ring, and securely fastened, with the hand slightly elevated above the elbow.

The Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer is not just a device but a partner in your recovery journey. Its careful design tailored to patient needs ensures that your path to healing is both comfortable and secure.


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