Homedics Hot and Cold Handheld Massager

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The Homedics Hot and Cold Massager provides customizable vibration massage.

Using either the heat from the actively heated attachment or the passively cold attachment for a few hours in the freezer creates a completely unique massage.

This massager has got everything you could want or need to be covered.

8 interchangeable attachments provide massage styles for any position, from relaxing large areas to those hard-to-reach areas.



The HoMedics Hot and Cold Massager gives you a soothing massage with deep penetrating vibrations. Has 9 custom interchangeable attachments, that provide massage from comforting, soothing heat to targeted and pressure point relief. Come with the option of variable speed for complete relaxation.

  • Vibration massage melts away tension
  • 9 custom attachments included
    • Comforting heat
    • Soft flexible cold gel
    • Spread Point
    • Multi-node
    • Multi-ridge
    • Gentle pressure
    • Targeted
    • Dispersed pressure
    • Pressure point
  • Variable speed to customize your massage

1 review for Homedics Hot and Cold Handheld Massager

  1. Sullivan

    I love the Hot & Cold Handheld Massager (Homedics). It’s been so helpful for my aches and pains!

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